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Gain the information you need to best understand and support your child!


We understand the step towards getting a formal assessment is big. We’re here to support you with our ‘listening ears’ on as well as with our toolkit of the right tool for the right child.

Available Assessments



Better understand your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses to inform educational planning.


We’ll be able to support with any recommendations and changes to the classroom as a result.



Join us for a deep dive into neurology.


There are no brain scans here (oh we wish!), but in-depth interviews, questionnaires, discussions with teachers and play-based clinical observations all help us inform if we can identify your child’s developmental profile as autistic or an ADHDer.



Understand where your child is compared to the ‘average’ child across various contexts, such as their daily living skills, socialisation, communication, anxiety, depression and executive functioning. This helps us track over time how your child is doing and identify areas for further support.