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Understanding and Supporting Autistic and ADHD Students

A workshop for Educators 

I've worked with a lot of teachers in my time, and I know one thing - they are all doing their best to be an amazing educator who touches lives. You've got to be passionate about supporting the next generation to be an educator and really, hats off at the number of demands that face a teacher these days!

A common story I get told is that even though we're seeing more and more autistic and ADHDer children in the classroom, these concepts weren't covered in your degree. You do a lot of research in your own time and respond well to what parents tell you about their child, but you always feel like it's not enough. 

Come join us in a 2 hour workshop after school on a Friday, 19th of August 3:30pm to 5:30pm - so no care is required for the children - but early enough to knock off into Friday drinks if that suits, or to pick the children up from childcare. 

We'll be covering: 

  • What is autism and ADHD?  including covering neuroscience and the different presentations

  • How these neurotypes think and process the world

  • Accommodations you can put into place to be an inclusive teacher

and we'll leave time for questions and answers. Feel free to come prepared with questions too! 

Interested? Book in here: