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Gain the information you need to best understand and support your child! We understand the step towards getting a formal assessment is big.


We’re here to support you with our ‘listening ears’ on as well as with our toolkit of the right tool for the right child

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1-on-1 Therapeutic Support

(temporarily closed)

Our individual consultations are ideal for helping children and families build their toolkit


[Oof! COVID-19 was hard on all of us, and we’re so glad that you’re reaching out for help.


We’re struggling not being able to help everyone and actively recruiting for extra clinicians when we can so we can get to you in a timely manner.


Sandhya has created detailed workshops that help cover the key issues surrounding supporting autistic and ADHDer children. We believe when it comes to your child, knowledge is power and we empower you to understand how the neurotype impacts *everything* they do, from their routines to learning potential to emotion regulation.

Come have a look at parent and educator options! 


Other support options

Social Groups

We created this programme based on listening to autistic adults, something we actively do to improve our practice, and what they would have wanted growing up. Uniquely You groups started in 2020, and are based on the premise of neurodivergent people coming together, discovering what autism and ADHD means, meeting their neurokin and forming a common positive identity. Along the way, other identities are explored and celebrated.


These groups run weekly on Thursdays, for 8 weeks in the school term, and cost $90/session.


8-9 year olds: 5pm to 6pm


10-12 year olds: 4pm to 5pm

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Parent Support

I still recall being allowed to walk away from the hospital with my first child, and wondering why nobody was running after me and stopping me. It’s a scary experience, yet a common one. Sandhya is a Circle of Security trained facilitator and can help guide you in this parenting process.


We hold parent sessions to hold you where we: 


  • Listen empathically and whole-heartedly 

  • Support you with education to understand your neurodivergent child better 

  • Equip you with parenting strategies to manage difficult behaviour at home

Don’t want to do it alone?


Look into a workshop or course

Organisation Education

Part of the Social Model of Disability is looking at how we can adapt to environments can support our neurodivergent children. Sandhya has spoken at multiple private practices, councils and is joining the ADHD and Autistic Mind Conference 2022 for Yellow Ladybugs as a conference speaker.

If your school or kinder is looking for professional development to understand our autistic and/or ADHDers further, please do look for information here.

Sandhya also consults with other allied health practices and can provide professional development for practitioners in implementing neuro-affirming practices, assessments and goal writing. Each PD is tailored based on the needs of the organisation.

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