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Services & Support

Here are some ways we can work together


 Parent Support 

Detailed workshops that help cover the key issues surrounding supporting autistic and ADHDer children.


Live Workshops

Education is power and the gateway to better practice and better outcomes for our community. 


On-Demand Learning

In these workshops, you will find comprehensive, neuro-affirming education that help you understand the A to Zs of your child's diagnosis.



If your school or kinder is looking for professional development to understand our autistic and/or ADHDers further, get in touch!

Other support options

Organisation Education

Part of the Social Model of Disability is looking at how we can adapt to environments can support our neurodivergent children.


Sandhya has spoken at multiple private practices, councils, schools, and most notably, the ADHD and Autistic Mind 2022 for Yellow Ladybugs as a conference speaker. She continues her professional speaking journey, speaking at the ADHD and Autistic Minds 2023 conference, Reframing Autism and Autism from the Inside Out and has been invited overseas to present her workshops.

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