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Live Workshops

Unpacking Neuroaffirming Paediatric Practice

Unpacking Affirming Paediatric Practice is Sandhya's signature clinician workshop that brings clinicians together in examining their clinical practice with autistic children with a social justice lens. As the neurodiversity-affirming movement continues to progress, it is more critical than ever that we do so with a solid foundation of where we've come and a clear view of the way forward for us. 

The day together offers clinicians a way to organise their understanding, update their knowledge and provide clear frameworks for nuanced conceptualisations of work, across social skills, emotional regulation and goal setting. Participants walk away with a reflective workbook to help audit their practice going forward to ensure they are practising from a neuro-affirming lens.

But really, our day together will be so much more than that. It will be a chance for clinicians to come together and connect with others on similar journeys, a chance to feel what it's like to be a room full of practitioners that practice inclusion and authenticity at their core, and a chance to both take away knowledge and be affirmed in your way forward. 


We've had over 200 clinicians in this workshop now. Scroll through to look at what some of them had to say!

Interested in joining?
We've run this workshop live 8 times now across Melbourne, rural Victoria, Sydney, Brisbane and online to amazing groups of allied health clinicians, and are running our very last workshop in Perth . This will then become turned into an online, self-paced training for clinicians as a resource, but we think the live version is absolutely invaluable in having the chance to ask questions and meet others. Will we see you there?



20th May 2024 (Monday)
9am to 5pm

Bells Functions
Upper Pier,3 Barrack St
Perth, WA 6000


Ticket sales close 13th May 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to accessibility, in addition to having student and disabled clinician rates, there are 3 accessibility tickets for every event for clinicians who experience financial circumstances (e.g. disability, being a full time carer, single parent) that prevent them from accessing the full priced ticket. Email me at to discuss accessing this. Tickets will be given on a first come-first served basis. 

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