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Parent Support

Parents are doing the best they can with what they have.

Allow us to support you on this journey towards confident parenting. Many of the old books used to talk about social skill interventions and all the things to 'cure' autism and ADHD, or 'reduce symptoms'. We don't do that anymore. 

But what do we do, then? 


One of the things we love doing is empowering parents to understand their neurodivergent, doesn't-fit-the-boxes, child so they can better meet them, support their emotional development across different environments.


A neuro-affirming approach sits so much better with parents in allowing their intuition to guide them, and builds positive, secure attachment-based relationships.  

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Parenting Courses

In these workshops, you will find comprehensive, neuro-affirming education that help you understand the A to Zs of your child's diagnosis, from how autism and ADHD came to be, to how their brain is wired, to how this impacts the way they see the world, and importantly, their unique pathway of supports.


These services are not a psychology service, but a workshop designed to provide education. 


Autism Workshop

Imagine having somewhere to learn and reflect deeply about raising an autistic child and a community to check in with when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.


The Onwards and Upwards Psychology's self-paced online course: ‘Raising an Autistic Child, Authentically’ brings you the latest knowledge on raising an autistic child and connects you with other parents and caregivers going through the same things you are.


The course will help you deepen your translation of what autism is, and you’ll learn to understand why your child does things the way they do.


Raising an ADHDer workshop

Celebrate Me. 
Understand Me.
Support Me.

The neurodiversity ​affirming paradigm offers that every brain type has its evolutionary purpose.


ADHD, being a brain type, impacts the way we process the world, our drivers, how we do things, how we make decisions, and the energy we put into this world.


Come learn from a psychologist with lived experience of ADHD and understand ADHD from a historical perspective, and its true neurotype and strategies for unlocking its strengths as well as supporting its challenges.  

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Want both? 

We get it. Being Autistic and ADHD is the norm, rather than the exception. Whilst it's still best understanding both of them separately to bring them together, here's a little bundle for you. 

Parenting Support

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We're focusing on helping you understand IEP goals and put into place affirming goals that support your child to thrive authentically and autistically.
Come learn all about: 
  • Disability rights in education
  • IEP Objectives 
  • Goal Assumptions to Look out for
  • Frameworks for affirming goals
  • Sample reframes of goals
Session is $80 inc GST and can be claimed using NDIS funding if parent education is aligned with your NDIS goals. 
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