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Raising an ADHDer workshop


Celebrate Me. 
Understand Me.
Support Me.

The neurodiversity ​affirming paradigm offers that every brain type has its evolutionary purpose.


ADHD, being a brain type, impacts the way we process the world, our drivers, how we do things, how we make decisions, and the energy we put into this world.


Come learn from a psychologist with lived experience of ADHD and understand ADHD from a historical perspective, and its true neurotype and strategies for unlocking its strengths as well as supporting its challenges.  

Raising an ADHD'er helps you understand your ADHD'er beyond their hyperactivity and inattention to exploring their neurotype. 

We've made this comprehensive, deep-dive course bite-sized, with videos ranging from 5 to 15 minutes long on each topic, to suit an ADHDer's attention span, or busy parents (or both!).

Accessibility is prized with closed captions available for our videos. Ready for access to neuro-affirming education on ADHD that may just set you on the right track going forward? 

Investment: $350 (+ $7.50 Teachable credit card processing fees* - we're working to get rid of this!)

Along the way, hear jokes, lived experience and reflect together with the participants in the course that will help information click on a deeper level. 

Course Curriculum

SAFETY (2).png

Section 1

ADHD according to the Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual

  • Understanding ADHD according to the DSM-5


  • Reworking our understanding of ADHD, as a neurology that is not "attention deficit"


  • Reflecting on ADHD in Australia


  • Understanding how the ADHD brain is wired, taking complex neuroscience and explain it with easy to understand terminology and good memes.

Section 2

The ADHD Neurotype

  • Understanding ADHD beyond the DSM-5 and discovering the pillars of ADHD and associated strengths and difficulties

  • Understanding executive functioning and strategies to support this 

  • Is it ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) or both? 

  • Summarising the ADHD neurotype and how they best learn

Section 3

The Complete Roadmap of ADHD supports (from kinder to adulthood)

  • Discover the ultimate roadmap created by Sandhya, that combines decades of research from different professionals into one handy graphic

  • Understanding medication as a tool

  • Come back to the roadmap time and time again over different parts of your child's development

  • Learning a few parenting tools to support emotional dysregulation

  • Work with an ADHDer's strengths to set them towards a path of success

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