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After a talk? 

Delivering talks is an autistic love language.

One-way information about my favourite topics? I am there.

Hiring me for a talk, what you get is someone who is passionate about her field of knowledge, who marries lived experience with her clinical background, who makes complex information simple and pretty, and brings people together in community.

These talks are anything but boring. They bring humanity to conversations, and a real sense of authenticity that has been missing from the professional field for far too long.


Best case scenario? They might even get you buzzing with excitement, confidence and ideas for your own career. 

Regular topics delivered on: 


  • Introduction to Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

  • Unpacking Behaviourism and Social Skills

  • Supporting and Understanding Distress Behaviour

  • Appreciating Autistic Culture

  • Social Model of Disability: Helping Those On the Journey with Change

  • Neuro-affirming report writing 

  • Neuro-affirming therapy: Practical Ideas

  • The Heart of a Therapist: Affirming Therapy Reflections


  • Understanding ADHD and Executive Functioning

  • Understanding Autism Holistically

  • Supporting Autistic/ADHDer Students (covers social, sensory and academic)

  • Study Skills for Autistic/ADHDer High Schoolers

  • Supporting and Understanding Distress Behaviours

  • Trauma-informed, neuro-affirming schools: From Policy to Procedure 

Get in touch

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, even delivering at a dentistry conference in September. Left of field, but am always game. Let me know the dates you're looking at and how long you'd like me to speak for. Let's connect! 

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