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Downloadable Sheets


Wanting easy sheets to help disseminate neuro-affirming information?

Perhaps you're looking for the best way to explain this to someone else, be it a teacher, clinician, child or colleague. Have a look through these resources by clicking the paper clip icon to help you on your way. 

Neuro-affirming Understandings

What is Autism Poster

Rethinking the Autism Spectrum: Comic by Rebecca Burgess

Supporting Sensory Sensitivities in Autism 

Taking Medication for ADHD Social Story

Brain Forest Strengths Page

Identifying Support Needs

 Emotional Regulation and Social Skills 

Uncovering Anxiety - The Anxiety Detective

Calibrating Interoceptive Awareness of Noise using the Noise-O-Meter

Collaborative Problem Solving with Children

Holiday Activity Ideas for Boredom Busters

School Support

Updates to Best Practice in Schools

Student Profile Snapshots

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