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Dear Parents...

Imagine having somewhere to learn and reflect deeply about raising an autistic child. A place where we take the guesswork and wading through the Internet and present information in a sequential, concise and accessible fashion to stop the overwhelm.


The Onwards and Upwards Psychology's self-paced online course: ‘Raising an Autistic Child, Authentically’ brings you the latest knowledge on raising an autistic child, courtesy of an autistic professional. 


The course will help you deepen your translation of what autism is, and you’ll learn to understand why your child does things the way they do.


Sandhya Menon, child psychologist, delivers a heart-centered education, where you will:


  • Get the most up-to-date information about autism and understand how to discuss neurodiversity. 

  • Learn how to embrace life as a neurodiverse family. 

  • Have a safe space to feel understood, heard, and respected. 

  • Learn how to make small changes that make a big difference to your family life. 

  • Expand your knowledge about autism. 


This course uses the neurodiversity affirming paradigm as an avenue to learning more about your child’s strengths and challenges. Raising an Autistic Child Authentically is about leaning into and understanding the unique and wonderful way your child views the world, and offers a warm welcome to autistic culture.  



Autistic Culture

  • Introduction to Autism and Autistic Culture

  • Understanding autistic processing

Sensory Systems

  • Understanding Sensory processing systems

  • Examining Sensory Accommodations

Emotion Regulation

  • Understanding distress behaviour

  • Uncovering and identifying stressors

  • Responding to distress behaviour

  • Tools to proactively support a child in distress


  • Parenting under Stress

  • Finding our  community

  • Parenting Neurodivergent Children as a Neurodivergent Adult

  • Balancing competing needs between siblings


  • Navigating Social Relationships in a Neurotypical World

  • What are autistic social skills? 

  • Finding autistic and autistic-friendly spaces



Untitled design - 2021-08-09T123026.693.png
  • The psyche behind PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance/Pervasive Demand Anxiety) 

  • Declarative language use

  • Parenting a PDA-er

  • Navigating IEPs

  • Disability rights in Education

  • School Advocacy Procesess

General Admission: $700 (+$15 Teachable credit card fee)


This course is one of the most comprehensive and thorough courses out there, and spans approximately 12 hours. It helps upskill parents and practitioners alike in neurodiversity-affirming practice and is unique in its approach and delivery style. This is the course that will give YOU a foundational understanding of the autistic mind, and allow you to go forward with all the key information you need to navigate home and educational life and support your child's affirmation of identity. Furthermore, purchasing this will give you 2 years access to the course, in which material is continually updated and emailed out when there is an update. 


The course falls below the NDIS rate of $70.58/hour for Capacity Building: Parent and Carer Training (15_038_0117_1_3) and is able to claimed on eligible plans. 

Interested? Purchase tickets here! 

Send me, Sandhya, an email, if you have any queries about the workshop.



Upcoming Workshops

Keep your eyes peeled on this space as Sandhya presents across Melbourne. Dates and times will be announced closer to their release. 


  • Rural Link and Learn: Horsham, Traralgon and Shepparton (December 2023) 

  • VIC ADHD Conference (April 2024)

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