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A safe space to grow, learn & build inclusive futures for neurodivergent individuals together.


We're actively dismantling our biases to work towards being trauma-informed, neurodiversity and gender affirming.

We are used to making sure children and our neurodivergent folk were made to fit the mold. The whole square peg, round hole thing. It used to be the land of disorder and deficit-based thinking, and we were made to feel less than for not fitting in, or our children not fitting in. 


You may have tried traditional strategies that just haven't worked, and you'd like to be in a space to know what does work. 

That’s where we come in. 

Sandhya is an experienced practitioner working with autistic/ADHDer children and their families to help support you in leading an authentically neurodivergent life. She offers strategies, education and tools that work with the way your brain works, rather than against. 


She is on a mission to help spread neuro-affirming information to families, schools and workplaces to help provide inclusive frameworks and pedagogies for better mental health outcomes for neurodivergent individuals. [Fun but sad fact, the life expectancy of an autistic individual in Australia is 35 years of age. Here's to doing better.]


Sandhya offers parent workshops, training for educational staff, clinicians and professionals, as well as educational resources as alternative avenues of supporting families in our community. 

Why Neuro-affirming Practice?

Our Support Services

Parent Support

Detailed workshops that help cover the key issues surrounding supporting autistic and ADHDer children.


Education is power and the gateway to better practice and better outcomes for our community. 

On-demand Learning

In these workshops, you will find comprehensive, neuro-affirming education that help you understand the A to Zs of your child's diagnosis.


If your kinder, school, clinic or workplace is looking for professional development to understand our autistic and/or ADHDers further, we cannot WAIT to help.

Curated Resources

About our resources

From the depths of dopamine hunting and very many side quests, combined with her knowledge of neuro-affirming practice, these resources were born.

These resources offer children, and adults, an easy-to-understand introduction into the world of developmental differences, using bright, simple visuals to help them understand and seek support in how their brain works.

Children all around the world have fallen in love with these, and I hope you will too.


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