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Understanding and Supporting Distress Behaviour


Hello there and a warm welcome! 

If you've landed on this page, you're probably an adult who cares very deeply about a child. You may be a parent, a teacher or grandparent. You may be in charge of looking after someone who gets dysregulated frequently, and you're here because you want to do the very best by them, and aren't sure what to do or how to respond. 

You're in the right place to get help. 

We *love* educating adults in a child's care and supporting them to align with their child and equip them with strategies to feel in control when confronting situations arise. It's important that we do this, because when they arise and we're not prepared, everything feels like chaos. We react in the moment and sometimes it helps, but sometimes, it may make things worse. That's *normal*, but it doesn't have to be your normal. 

Let us support you with gentle education in a safe space and help you with a plan to move from reacting to responding with intention so you feel empowered to do the very best by the child in your care. 

Workshop Outline

Understanding distress behaviours

We use distress behaviours to ground us in what's happening for a child and attune to them.


We approach this from a brain-based parenting purpose to support you with nervous system understanding why children respond the way they do. 

Uncovering Stressors, Meeting Needs and Building Skills

We offer a framework for understanding what a child may need and what is causing them distress.


This framework is flexible and can be used across the lifespan so is a tool for life! 

How to respond

We walk through practical strategies for learning how to respond to a child and how to flexibly utilise these strategies across scenarios.


We provide the space for you to practice these strategies with me and with others in the group, so that you may learn from first discussing what may happen, watching others and practising the skills yourself in a supportive environment.


This way you can take them into those stressful situations empowered with the right scripts. 

Choose your own adventure

In Person Delivery

Ideal for those in Victoria who thrive on in-person events and the energy in a room

When: Sat 23rd July, 10am to 1pm
Where: Altona Library, Altona, VIC
Cost: $150 per person, $250 for couples

Online Delivery

Ideal for those interstate, those who are balancing care of children and those who love learning in their PJs. (no judgements!) 

When: Sat 23rd July, 2pm to 5pm
Where: Zoom
Cost: $120 for single log-in

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