A safe place where neurodivergent children are recognised, celebrated & supported

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Why Child Psychology?

Because nobody gave you a manual the day you walked out of the hospital.


When you were blessed with a child who – even if there were manuals – didn’t fit the manuals, it was hard to know what to do. 

And honestly, even if you know what to do, it is HARD to do it all yourself. You’re constantly second guessing if it’s the right way forward and spend your nights asking questions, reading and connecting with Facebook posts.

That’s where we come in. 

Sandhya and her team are experienced practitioners working with neurodivergent children and take the guesswork out. We focus on support for your child AND you in your parenting journey, and reach out to their schools too. 

We use evidence-based assessment tools and strategies to help guide you along the way until you feel confident enough to walk on your own. We also offer parent workshops, training for education staff and educational resources as alternative avenues of supporting families in our community. 


Onwards and Upwards Psychology has a special interest in helping neurodivergent (autistic and attention variant) children. We are able to help with other issues across the developmental stages of life and enhancing or adapting educational needs.

Unfortunately, our wait list for individual psychological consultations is now CLOSED due to overwhelming demand post COVID-19.


Do click through for other avenues of support including online courses, workshops and resources.

  • Assessments: Understand your child’s developmental profile, and reveal unique strengths and challenges

  • Therapy: Connect to yourself and build your unique coping toolbox. 

  • Workshops: Step-up with parent education

  • Resources: Support tools to take anywhere.

  • Social Groups: Meet your neurokin and understand your unique brain – together.


Looking for knowledge and know how?

Or perhaps something fun to help you support your children’s emotional development?


Either way, you’re in the right place. 

Look through our resource store for worksheets, e-courses and tools to support communication and emotional awareness.